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HelpDesign 2D Vertical Fin

Design vertical fin window shading:

The model shows a window and vertical fins in plan view. The yellow lines indicate the direction of sunlight. Also shown is a diagram that indicates orientation of the window and position of the sun.

  • Drag on the red nodes to change model dimensions.
  • Orientation relates to the angle of the structure relative to North in the sense NESW. Thus, North is zero degrees, East is 90 degrees.
  • The first time you run the animation, from the Date & Location dialog, specify Date, Latitude and Longitude.
  • To change the speed of the animation, modify Time Interval in minutes.
  • Using the Camera Controls, you may change camera position and zoom level. Click on the Reset button to reset the camera to its default position.


Fin H. Offset Fin Horizontal Offset
The horizontal position of the fin measured from the side of the window.
Mag. Var. Magnetic Variation
D. Saving Daylight Saving